NC Green Build

The word GREEN gets thrown around a lot these days. But Green Building may not be exactly what you think it is…

NC Green Build Specializes in building new construction, LEED Certified and Energy Star compliant, single family homes throughout the Triangle.

To us, Green Building means the following:

  • An extremely well designed and constructed house that is more durable, easier to maintain, and significantly more efficient than standard building practices produce.
  • A house that will cost owners less to operate and be valued higher than traditionally built homes.
  • A home that is built using designs and materials that result in a healthy atmosphere for its occupants.
  • A home that is more environmentally friendly.

Given the attributes above, you probably now realize that you want a Green built house….you just never knew it. You will also discover that our focused and ultra green building process doesn’t have to come with the ultra high price.

Contact us about building a LEED Certified house for you!